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Yet, he sits alone with only a crack of a smile on his face.

Bitter sweet.

Is this the Blue & White disease you’re talking about, Brian Burke?

Weird screaming out, “Shoot!” from now on.

Longtime Alternate Captain Tomas Kaberle will no longer wear the “A” for the Toronto Maple Leafs this upcoming season. While there could be actual hockey discussion surrounding Head Coach Ron Wilson’s decision to strip Kaberle’s title, this will not be the place for such a debate. 

More important to me is how much Tomas Kaberle is absolutely nailing his fashion choices lately. Gone are the days of the unibrow and the generic suits. This is a screen cap of a post-game interview shortly after Toronto-Detroit preseason game. I say he passes with flying colours in this particular wardrobe choice. Others disagreed.

So, does Tomas Kaberle pass or fail?

It is a big relief. It feels good to get the win. We never thought we would go [winless] until late October. … Every line played simple hockey. Most of the night, we played in their zone. We used their penalties to our advantage, and that makes the game simple.
Tomas Kaberle, who was so happy, his cheeks were an even brighter pinkish hue. A career-high 5 points will do that to anyone. (Quote via AP)



Dear Ron Wilson,

Give Tomas Kaberle the “C” already.

It appears that the Leafs want to give the captaincy to Luke Schenn eventually. In the meantime, the team has named Francois Beauchemin, Tomas Kaberle, and Mike Komisarek Alternate Captains. Very good choices. As wonderful as Kaberle is with “cross-passes like you wouldn’t believe”, he doesn’t strike me as someone who’s comfortable under the spotlight and takes charge in the dressing room. He leads by example on the ice and I’m more than happy with that relationship.

Oh, awesome trips to memory lane with Wendel Clark and Mats Sundin.