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Quick! Someone find Gene Wojciechowski a new subject. I feel like I’ve read this article (or variations of it) at least five or six times before.

To sum it up to save you some time, current Giants = wacky and lovable!  Barry Bonds = evil, black cloud that hung over the ballpark and destroyed anything good.

The Giants won the World Series last year. Barry Bonds hasn’t played for them (or any other team) since 2007.  TIME TO MOVE ON, GENE.

Look, Barry Bonds was a dick. He probably wasn’t the nicest teammate. And yet, in the 2002 World Series, Barry Bonds hit .471 with four home runs, two doubles, and 13 walks. In Game 6, he hit a home run that put the Giants up 4-0. Is Wojciechowski really arguing that the bullpen blew a five-run lead just because there weren’t enough pranks in the clubhouse?

I hate people when they use too much logic, and thus, make too much sense. So un-American.