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Forward - Rebecca Johnston

As Team Canada Femme Fatales arrive to the final member (which you can see all the ladies here over and over again), this has been one illuminating journey to objectify¬†showcase the ladies of Team Canada. What better way to end this than with a swift skating, ponytail flying Sudbury Sweetness? A multi-talented athlete at Cornell University, Rebecca Johnston is just another up-and-coming hockey star for Team Canada at the prime age of 20 years old. Not only was Rebecca named to the first team All-Ivy and Ivy-League Rookie of the Year in her first season at Cornell, she was the first Cornell player to be named first team ECAC Hockey and rookie of the year honours. Rebecca’s second year? Oh, just increased her point totals by 13 points and finished second overall in the entire league with 45 points (26 games).

For Rebecca Johnston’s patriotic side, she is already a two-time IIHF silver medalist for Team Canada and two-time U-22 gold medalist. Having recently been selected to her fourth National Women’s Under-22 Team, Rebecca will only add to her 9 goals and 27 points in 18 games so far.

Femme. Fatale. 

For the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Rebecca Johnston chipped in with 6 points, and played more minutes at 74:11 than vaunted Team Canada legends Jennifer Botterill, Gillian Apps, and Gina Kingsbury. See? I told you the gold medal looks good with the ponytail. 

With fellow babelicious Tessa Bonhomme (I was this close to making this a Tessa/Rebecca double feature), Rebecca is rocking the company swag almost half-enthused. I don’t blame her really, since that’s one ugly scarf. But why move past her naturally curved eyebrows and silky smooth chestnut hair? If Rebecca was a Mrs. Potato Head, people wouldn’t even bother wasting time with her ears and limbs. And hey there, Rebecca Johnston’s neck. Peeking out for a little fun, I see. Rebecca clearly knows not to cover those pipes and leave us curious. So nice this Rebecca Johnston.

Ah, the fabled forced, often amateur feeling Team Canada photo shoots. But what’s this, Rebecca Johnston? You decide to break out a form fitting black zip-up, prop up your chest, and slightly pop out your butt? All with an awkward prop over your shoulders? Someone’s been watching America’s Top Model. Excellently accentuating her wide array of assets, I can watch Rebecca score wraparound all night long.

Never mind the audacity of some random dude wearing HER gold medal, there is a common theme with most of Rebecca Johnston photos. Rebecca loves to show off her off to the side “Look”. And I don’t blame her. Rebecca absolutely works the camera and exudes a fierce (thanks, Tyra) bout of confidence. Just as she expects to win the puck out of the corner every time, Rebecca expects to win in every picture with just the corners of her eyes. Deadly. Deadly seductive that is, yes? (via loimere’s flickr)

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