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Defence - Meaghan Mikkelson

Even with the helmet, you can’t contain the eyes. Perfectly lined with mascara, you can’t miss the intensity and brightness that shines through. A player who has flipped from forward to defence in successive World Championships, Meaghan Mikkelson knows a thing or two about multiple positions. With a father who played in the NHL during the 1970s and a younger brother who currently plays in the Anaheim Ducks farm system, the Mikkelson family is full of elite level hockey blood. 2007 Western College Hockey Association Defensive Player of the Year, Meaghan contributed greatly to the Wisconsin defence that allowed a league low 0.94 goals a game that season. Oh, Meaghan also scored 33 points, merely leading all defencemen in the WCHA.


In Vancouver, Meaghan provided steady defensive play accumulating a +11 rating and a much deserved Gold medal. 

Not quite sure what the photographer was going for here, since the symbolism of a lone tire in the background is confusing (Does she have good grip? Is she round like a tire? Meaghan treads water well?), but the subtle eyebrow arch is a nice touch, Meaghan. I’ll blame the photographer for not allowing you to give the necessary subtle grin to bring it all together. Love the intensity though.

Let me just say that the entire Team Canada photo session with the women was laughable in its amateurism. On one picture featuring Mikkelson, the Canadian flag was held up by someone’s arm that the camera didn’t bother to cut out. On another, Mikkelson was asked to strain noticeably and wave a massive flag by herself. Needless to say, I felt sorry for her. Yet, those problems sort of disappear as I stare deeply into Meaghan’s inviting and alluring eyes. I’m sorry, what? Yes, pancakes would be nice.

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