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For some reason, Sports Illustrated decided that Wendel Clark’s equivalent player in today’s NHL is Alex Burrows. First things first, who was #17?

Rugged winger Clark was beloved by Maple Leafs fans for his skill and abrasive, intimidating play. He fearlessly took on enforcers and goons, and when injuries took their toll, became more of a scorer (he netted 46 goals in 1993-94), but still had a now-classic bout with Marty McSorley in the 1993 playoffs.

Impressive! Obviously, Wendel Clark is swoon worthy. So to justify such a lofty comparison, Alex Burrows must play a similar game to Clark, right?

A gritty pest, Burrows is one of Vancouver’s most hard-nosed and hard-working forwards…

Three words in and already SI has no idea who Burrows is being compared to here. Alex Burrows sounds awfully like Darcy Tucker, NOT one of the most fearsome, scariest, baddest men in hockey. Even in a static photo, Clark and his killer moustache is staring down and holding contempt for the unworthy Burrows.

Fail. Fail. Fail.