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Terry Urban - Can’t Get Enough Waves (J Cole x Portugal, The Man)

And I can’t get enough of this song. Get it?


Johnny Bower. September 11, 1968.

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You’re saving my life, Zooey (kinda).

When Zooey Deschanel ostensibly blew off Ryan Seacrest at this past year’s carpet of syndicated dreams, I realized how effective brevity can be in life. The best answer was always there, but I was too busy squinting at hashtags to notice.

You see, I’m preparing to ruin my safe, cozy friendship with someone I know quite well because of four words from a celebrity. I don’t even watch New Girl. But Zooey is awakening me, and I must break free from these chains of platonic oppression.

This is about becoming attracted to a friend? Yeah, none of this is original. Television, the very source guiding me to go full awkward, informs me about this friend/lover menagerie all the time on every show (Even 60 Minutes does a feature about this every other week. I think).

Anyway, the best truths are the most boring. The door of “extremely low-stakes risk” has finally creaked open in front of me. I’ve fallen for someone without having a disgusting thought about her for a good five seconds. I counted.

So, what now? I already have my reasons for breaking up a comfortable relationship, but my hand is still under the shower head waiting for the water to be just right. I certainly don’t want to pull a Milhouse by passing her ambiguous crib notes about my interest, complete with drawn on stink marks of her silhouette.

"Hi, being good friends is kinda cool and all, so I want to stop doing that over a picnic, hold hands, and maybe steal a few bases." This seems like the correct approach. Directness is supposed to go hand in hand with seizing the day, right? 

On the other hand, I can always hope that her date went bad. I’m not sure.

Zooey hasn’t told me what to do next.

Eight more years of this? Yes please.

And the NHL playoffs just got more attractive.
This is easily my most important post in seven years.

And the NHL playoffs just got more attractive.

This is easily my most important post in seven years.

Just ask Mike Komisarek how it feels to be a bystander.

Ego, jealousy, anger - they all run rampant when your skills remain unused. But the feeling of helplessness lingers the most as you watch player after player jump over the boards, while you wait on the bench as your number gets called less and less.

His eyes are unmistakable. Success hides a lot of pain. For Mikhail Grabovski, the Leafs ascent to hockey relevance can only be bittersweet.

Immediately after losing his bid for the perfect game with two outs in the bottom of the 9th, Yu Darvish smiles.

Baseball, welcome back.

I grew up thinking I can be “Like Mike”. I never have those thoughts with Lebron James.

You can’t imitate the impossible.

Toronto Blue Jays, 8-bit style (via @CashewMirman)